Life may not be the party we hoped for

...but while we are here, we might as well dance.

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First, if you are reading this, a warning that I belong to the Pervert's Corner, have a love of slash fics and am not afraid to shout that out. If that offends you, then likely you won't be interested in reading my writing or my journal.

Still enjoying the ride, still a scifi/fantasy geek. My first fantasy addiction was with the Chronicles of Naria as a child. That started a voracious appetite for fantasy novels which then led to science fiction. Star Trek was my first Sci-Fi celluloid love followed closely by Star Wars. Star Trek TNG was my favorite of the tv series (yum for Riker) and truly was my first ‘can’t miss’ television series. And I love the Reboot movie. Love Caprica but it sadly has ended. I’ve dabbled in the Harry Potter world and several others: Life on Mars still has a huge hold on my *ahem* heart; Doctor Who but with David Tennant’s departure, found it not as compelling; Torchwood for Captain Jack.

Supernatural is my current over-the-top obsession. I love it all but Seasons 4 & 5 rocked not just a little because I have fallen hard for Castiel. Still it's the Sam and Dean story and I love those boys. Must admit though, Dean, omg, yes, I am an unabashed Dean girl. Enough said there. Still Sam in Season 6, well, I'm really enjoying how his souless character is developing. :)

And I can't forget my first obsession with Star Wars. Anakin and Obi-Wan will always be in my heart. Wish I had more time to feed all of those obsessions! I still have a passion for writing but unfortunately work and my previously noted obsessions get in the way although I'm writing as much as I can these days. If I could only write for a living!!! I’ve completed two novella via Nano both of which still require much editing, lots of drabbles in varied fandoms and many short fanfics!

I live with two dogs with whom I continue to share a love/hate relationship. Mostly, they love me and that is good for my soul. I also some some excellent people in my life, both here and in RL.
I love new friends and if you think you want to read my occasional ramblings drop me a note, friend me and we'll go from there.

And huge kudoos to easy_to_corrupt for the amazing Dean/Cas Supernatural animated mood theme and to in_the_end for the LoM one.