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I decided I'd have a go at Nano again. Not that I had a burning story to tell. I just wanted to start writing for myself again. It's been a slow start. Friday, I wrote maybe 200 words but I did do an outline and I actually now do have a story I want to tell. :)

Saturday was pretty good, 2650 words but today, I just couldn't bring myself to sit and write. But I am not letting that get to me. I looked at my word counts for last year (I do a spreadsheet to record my daily word count) and I didn't really get started until day 5. There is still hope.

Hell, there are still a couple of hours tonight that I could get some writing in. Maybe I'll try the sprints on twitter. Yup, that will be it. I shall make a cup of tea and do just that. Going to aim for 1k before bed.


More to drool about at TorCon

Well, I am doing the Ty Olson M & G which makes it a triple play for TorCon and has me doing the happy dance. I was seriously considering going way over budget (seriously, who am I kidding -I have discarded the idea of a budget) and bidding on the Misha one too but as I have done a couple of Misha ones, I figure I should let some other lucky soul go into debt to see the man. He is definitely worth it.

But I am very excited about seeing Ty. :D A weekend full of hot guys sounds good to me. (And I need to find me a Benny icon!)

Happy Birthday to dysonrules

Hope you have a great one. I know I will!! Geminis rule!


Jensen moving!!

Just because, I am speechless!! And I saw it in person! *\o/*

 photo tumblr_mjj76eKqJz1qdfg4jo1_500_zps7bb19de5.gif
Following in from the Asylum convention, and my bus ride where I finally met up with Jenny was my time in Salisbury.

Salisbury and StonehengeCollapse )
This entire 40 day trip has been a fantastic adventure and all that is left is the trip home. I have mixed feeling about leaving but I will be happy to get back to my real life...I think. ;)

Thanks for following me on my travels.
The next stop on my journey was Birmingham and the sole reason for going there was for Asylum 8. When I had originally planned my trip, the impetus or catalyst was Jibcon but I knew that I wanted to stay in the south of England for a great part of the time after.

When I found out that Asylum 8 was going to be on during the time I had planned on being in England, I thought why not. I had heard from others that the rogue conventions were little more than organized chaos but I figured it would be another adventure and would only attend to see the panels, the part that I really love.

The Asylum experience - Warning - lengthy postCollapse )
I know if missed or omitted lots but this is now heading to a novel length and you can read the details elsewhere.

My overall feel about this convention was that in spite of the queues which were not nearly as challenging as the ones at jibcon, it was very well run. They did fall a little behind at times but not more than 10 or 15 minutes. Mind you, I chose to forgo the autographs this time and had no photo ops as neither was in my plan, not wanting to miss any of the panels so others may have a different view about delays. Overall, I had a good experience. There were the typical fans who asked silly questions (no, I didn't find it amusing to hear the banana recipe question from your monkey of more than one guest) but overall, people were great. I will give great kudos to the man who hosted the convention, Doug, who had to sometimes drag the guests from the stage to a chorus of boos from the audience towards him. Lol! He was such a good sport. Asylum has a more laid back feel to it than the Creation cons but that may be in part because the Js are not in attendance. The guests were all wonderful to listen to and seemed so grateful for our support.

My travel saga 2012 #6 - Bath

Next stop on the tour was Bath. I flew into Birmingham from Dublin and with help, found my way on the trains to Bath. Once in Bath, I took the 'scenic' route to the hotel as in my typical fashion, I chose not to ask anyone for directions. ;) I finally arrived at the hotel, the Abbey hotel, a lovely centrally located spot which, yes, was close to the church, the river and the Roman baths.

Cut to save my flits...Collapse )

The time in Bath was lovely but it is very much a tourist town. I got some much desired down-time though and saw what I wanted to so a definite success.
Some of you on my email list may have already gotten this update so feel free to ignore. I am somewhat behind in the posting.

The Emerald IsleCollapse )

I'll try for catch up as Bath and Asylum 8 reports to come but I have to interject with a giggle I had this evening. I am now in Salisbury, a lovely city close to Stonehenge. I decided to go to the cathedral here for their evensong service tonight to listen to the music. I am not by any means someone who you would call religious as in the organized religion kind but I figured why not. So I followed on into the service and sat. Next thing I knew, there were five monks (pretty sure they were monks, cowls, long black robes, beanies) who sat down beside me. I couldn't help but look up, expecting the ceiling to burst open and brimstone to fall onto my head. Luckily, that didn't happen but I had one hell if a time holding back the giggles that were welling up. I managed to suppress them and stay calm but had a good snorfle on leaving the cathedral. Oh, and the choir was awesome. :)
After the crazy and amazing convention that was Jibcon, it was off to the heart of Rome and I can say now that I am in love with Rome.

Rome and Pompeii Collapse )

But, there were and are more adventures in store.
This is so late in posting but nonetheless, I'm going to finally post the rest of my Jibcon experience. Internet access has been limited and I've been busy. :)

As much as I may have had some issues with the con as a whole, they were primarily just me things, the lack of personal space issues and the isolation I felt as I say below, but I will state unequivocally, the panels at this convention are some of the best I have seen. I loved that they mixed them up, that they had individual and joint panels that you just don't get at the Creation cons and that you got to see everybody more than once. The fact that they have a opening and a closing ceremony with all the celebs onstage is such fun.

AndCollapse )

My next installment will be about the balance of my time spent in Italy. Hope you enjoyed the summary of my Jibcon experience.